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Nov 29, 2014
Boise State Bronco’s Class of 2016 Recruiting Guide

The class of 2016 is the third recruiting class under the current coaching staff, but it will be their first year without major obstacles. The 2014 class was compiled in only five weeks, though it ended up being a well-rounded class on paper. While the 2015 class was also solid and built over a full year, the number of graduating seniors limited available spots for incoming recruits. The class of 2016 will have neither of these restrictions.

Scholarship Numbers:

These are always very fluid but from the look of the roster it appears the 2015 roster had 60 scholarship players after subtracting the players who have left (not counting the 4 mid-year enrollees). They currently have 24 total commits (23 public, 1 silent). In addition, Boise has taken one grad transfer. However, 1 of the commits is taking an LDS mission and will not count towards this class. With the current information, it seems as if there are about 1-2 more spots available and the coaching staff seems to be targeting: 2 more players on the DL.

However, the number becomes even more fluid when factoring in potential gray-shirts and attrition. Also the staff could count the 4 mid-year enrollees as part of the 2016 class, which would open up additional spots, but that is hard to account for without knowing.

Note: Players with Boise State offers who are committed to other schools are not included.


- Departing: Alex Ogle (transfer)

- Number of players expected to be taken: 1

- Commits: Jake Constantine

- Note: The commitment of Constantine fills the position quota here, with the goal being to take one quarterback each class. While Boise State is his first and only offer, it seems his talent is not a question. Jake put up numbers his senior year comparable to the Broncos former QB commit, Micah Wilson. However, Constantine did so in the southern California area, where more D1 prospects play. The Broncos may have gotten a steal with this commit, but if nothing else, they secured a quarterback at a time when depth was a big need.

Running Backs:

- Departing: Jack Fields, Kelsey Young

- Number of players expected to be taken: 2

- Commits: Alexander Mattison, Robert Mahone

- Note: Like the quarterback, running back is a position where at least one recruit is needed in each class. This year, given the lack of depth and experience at the position (even more lacking now with the losses of Bertoli and Sheard) they are taking two this class. With the commitment of Mattison, Boise lands the highest ever ranked RB. It is expected for one of the running backs, most likely Mattison, to compete for playing time next year.

Wide Receivers:

- Departing: Shane Williams-Rhodes, Troy Ware, Terrell Johnson (not on scholarship)

- Number of players expected to be taken: 3

- Commits: Julian Carter, Cedric Wilson (JC)

- Offers: Bubba Ogbebor, John Okwoli, Steffon McKnight, Khris Vaughn

- Note: This is another position that will probably end up taking an extra player after the injuries to Ware and Tanner Shipley and the dismissal of Rick Smith. The past two recruiting classes, the coaching staff has focused on speed over size, but are appearing to balance it out more this year. Junior Adams values speed over size, but Carter fits their need for a bigger outside receiver and still has some speed. Given who they are already targeting, it seems like the Broncos are still looking to land a high-impact pass catcher to pair with their QB talent over the next few years. Wilson gives them length, experience and big play potential. He should play immediately.

Tight Ends:

- Departing: Holden Huff, Jake Hardee, David Lucero (dismissed from team)

- Number of players expected to be taken: 2

- Commitments: Nick Crabtree, John Bates

- Note: This is currently an area of strength for the Broncos, given the depth they have built up in the past three recruiting classes (Roh/Dhaenens, Blakley/Lucero, Pistone), with none older than red-shirt sophomores. Crabtree looks to be someone who can come in and develop behind a strong group of players. He should be a mauler in the running game and has good hands even if he lacks top speed.

Offensive Linemen:

- Departing: Jerhen Ertel, Rees Odhiambo, Marcus Henry

- Number of players expected to be taken: 4

- Commits: Kole Bailey, Ezra Cleveland, Austin Dixon, Donte Harrington

- Offers: Joe Kupcikevicius (JC), Lawrence Edwards

- Note: The recruiting philosophy at this position has been to get athletic and agile guys and then pack on the weight their first two years in the program. This has produced some solid linemen for them in the past. However, they are altering this a bit as the staff has gotten commitments from linemen with lots of length as well weighing in at 280+, which is reflected in their commit list. They have done a really nice job building their depth back up and a few of them have a chance to play within their first few years on campus.
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Nov 29, 2014
Defensive Tackles:

- Departing: Justin Taimatuia, Deuce Mataele, Antoine Turner, Robert Ash, Armand Nance

- Number of players expected to be taken: 4

- Commits: Chase Hatada, Danielson Auelua (JC), Josh Fatu (JC), Emmanuel Fesili

- Offers: Jarrod Hewitt

- Note: This is easily the biggest area of need in this year’s class. Due to unforeseen injuries and an ineligibility issue, the Broncos will have seven total defensive linemen graduating this season Caldwell said they are looking to add 6 D-lineman total, with a priority on inside guys. They have done a good job building some immediate and future depth here with their four commits. Auelua and Fatu have enough talent to play right away. Hatada and Fesili project to be big contributors and perhaps could compete for playing time next year.

Defensive Ends and STUDs:

- Departing: Tyler Horn, Rondell McNair, Kamalei Correa

- Number of players expected to be taken: 2-3

- Commits: Derriyon Shaw

- Offers: Jabari Watson, Curtis Weaver Fua Pututau, Josh Allen (JC), Keith Sullivan, Kayode Rufai, Keanu Saleapaga

- Note: This position is not in as dire need as defensive tackle will be, but it is important to get two good players for the future. The projected top three of the four rotation players for next season are two juniors and a senior. They added two STUD end players in the 2013 class and will look to add another player in this one. However, the traditional DE spot has been filled mostly with JUCO players for quite a while (Crawford, Lawrence, and the transfer Beau Martin). The Broncos could really use a very good high school player to come in, develop, and be part of the DE rotation for 2-3 years. Commit Derriyon Shaw will fill the STUD role, but the other is still up for grabs.


- Departing: Tyler Gray

- Number of players expected to be taken: 2

- Commits: Tyson Maeva, Ali’I Niumatalolo

- Offers: Tommy Jacobsson, Kevin Meitzenheimer, Dontavius Jackson, Troy Cassidy, Kaelin Himphill

- Note: The Broncos are settling into a nice pattern at this position. Recruit one player for each of the two LB spots, red-shirt them, and then let them get experience on special teams. Then they rotate two players at each spot to share the snaps. This has led to solid play from the starters with new players constantly ready to step in and provide depth. No one is needed to play early, but they have the opportunity through special teams and are able to earn their LB reps. Look for the staff to continue the trend of getting sure tacklers who fly to the ball. Maeva and Niumatalolo look like they fit all of their criteria for linebackers.

Safeties and Nickels:

- Departing: Darian Thompson, Mercy Matson

- Number of players expected to be taken: 2

- Commits: Desmond Williams, De’andre Pierce

- Offers: Brandon Jones, Lamar Jackson (ATH), Chacho Ulloa

- Note: Depth at safety is a concern this year because of injuries (two players medically retired from this position in the past year), so it is important for Boise State to make sure they can get someone with the potential to play (in some capacity) right away since they are losing two more. The commit of Williams who will come in and develop behind James gives them depth at the Nickel position. Pierce is an underrated prospect who can play corner or safety.


- Departing: Donte Deayon

- Number of players expected to be taken: 2

- Commitments: Robert Lewis, Reid Harrison-Ducros

- Offers: Jack Jones, Eric Cuffee

- Note: This position isn’t as crucial as it was last year, but it will take another group of solid players to keep it going. Next season, Boise will be losing their top CB, plus another one who is expected to be used heavily in the DB rotation. At this point, behind their top three lay mainly unproven players with little experience. The verbals of Lewis and Harrison-Ducros (who made a good showing at camp) are a good start. Both of their ceilings look to be a player in the mold of Deayon, playing tougher and taller than their size. It is still somewhat surprising the Broncos have been unable to land a big-name recruit at this position considering the success they have had doing so at the safety position.


- Departing: Long-snapper Kevin Keane

- Number of players expected to be taken: 1

- Commits: Joel Velazquez

- Note: Handing out a scholarship to a special teams player is rare, and Velazquez looks the part of a kicker who deserves a scholarship straight out of high school. He looks like he could step in and be Wale’s replacement at punter and even challenge Rausa for kickoff duties.


- Offers: Beau Bisharat

Note: Bisharat is a former RB commit to Stanford but also has the size and versatility to be a receiver. He would be a welcome addition to the recruiting class.
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